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Silent Sirens


‘Silent Sirens’ to the Rescue!

By Samantha Steiner 

( 8.21.09)


In the beginning there was Mest and Allister.  Then, Fall Out Boy turned Chicago upside down when they surfaced from the burbs,  forever-changing music history.  The pop-punk scene in Chicago has always been legendary for producing great underground artists that end up rocking the world.  The “No Child Left Behind” policy in the Windy City refers not to education but to ensure that every kid owns a piece of the trendy bands merch.  From the halls of New Trier High School to the edge of Navy Pier, every age and color units to support the new home town heroes.  But who is the next band to fill the shoes that have been empty since Wentz left for LA?


While some fans are rooting for Just Left and others are cheering on State and Madison, my money, however, is on a little band called Silent Sirens.


An illegitimate child of possibly Green Day and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (DNA result are still in the mail), Silent Sirens is what you’d expect from a pop punk rock band and then some.  The birth of the band is a story worth telling in its own right.  Jesse Christensen and Joe Chouinard were part of the up and coming band Seventh Grade Underdog before it disbanded when its lead singer moved overseas in fear of being deported and his inability to legally get a job here.  (I swear it's true, you can’t make this stuff up!)  Adrian Day and George Courtretsis worked together in the band Burning Bright, which sadly has no great tale of disbandment due to foreign affairs.  Nonetheless the band came together in sweet harmony and is now creating musical and lyrical masterpieces in wedded bliss. 


If you’re lucky enough to find a link you can download Silent Sirens remastered four song EP featuring their extremely addictive single “Red Light District”, or a personal favorite “The Getaway”.  Both feature guitar riffs and simple yet powerful lyrics that you can’t resist screaming along with.  This is truly a band that crosses bridges; putting smiles on emo kids faces and making hardcore kids karate kick like Bruce Lee.


If you missed their Friday night performance at the Metro (Chicago) with A Hero Named Hope and Lookout! Giants…, then you truly missed a moment in history!  Don’t cry though, they are planning a show in early September and will be recording a fresh 5 song EP for your listening pleasure very shortly.


Expect big things from this band, Chicago is ready to show the world its new generation of talent and Silent Sirens will be leading the pack.