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Video Editing

Being an indie Artist Manager, I get asked to film my artists and ones who perform with them quite frequently.  I use a simple HQ Sony Handy Cam and edit with iMovie and occassionally Final Cut Pro.  It is all from a single camera. Once edited I upload them to my YouTube channel and help promote them by tagging, video responses and embedding them.  In some cases the artist request that I help them with the HTML coding to place them neatly on their Myspace profiles.

Here are a few links to some of the Videos along with a link to a profile that I have embedded the videos on for an artist:


Thriving Ivory -Buzzafied Concert Highlights Live @ Walleye Weekend (Fond du Lac, WI)
Joshua Armstrong - "In Love" Live @ The Listening Room
Adam Searan - "Holding On" Live @ The Listening Room
Hillary McBride - "Back in the Fifties" Live @ The Listening Room

 Artist     Song  Venue
 Hillary McBride What You Deserve Tin Roof
 Hillary McBride      Kid  Tin Roof
 Hillary McBride Bye Bye Joe  Tin Roof
 Hillary McBride  Here I Am  Tin Roof
 Hillary McBride    Getting Back to Good  Tin Roof
 Hillary McBride  This Love  Tin Roof

Have I provided Video Editing Services for you? Here is your chance to make a donation for the time I put into creating these useful videos for you!